VISMA yuki
business case

NFT invoicing

VISMA | yuki partners with mintBlue to integrate NFT invoicing into their accountancy software suite.

The firm's accounting suite leverages the blockchain for interoperable bookkeepings. Sharing financial documents on a public blockchain allows VISMA | yuki's customers to own their records without reliance on external parties. Our software opens up new opportunities for automation and monetisation that we have not seen before in the market.
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blockchain in accounting

The accounting industry has a bright future ahead with blockchain technology. Organisations can leverage the blockchain to combat phishing, automate tasks and integrate bookkeepings of multiple companies for seamless tamper-proof records.
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Filip Mariën

introduction to blockchain

webinar with Filip Mariën

Interested in blockchain technology? I have prepared a presentation that walks you through the basics of blockchain.

I discuss

  • The nature of a public blockchain
  • Blockchain scaling and costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Data ownership and third-party reliance