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mintBlue selected by VISMA | yuki to integrate blockchain to cloud accounting platform.

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Hackathon Finalists announced to compete for USD $100,000.

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VISMA | yuki maakt als eerste bedrijf gebruik van blockchaintechnologie.

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How mintBlue brings the power of BSV to business.

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Visma Yuki checkt facturen via blockchain, wie volgt?

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    product suite

    everything needed for blockchain solutions.


    data, payments, tokens & NFTs.

    Our software enables seamless, scalable integration with the blockchain. mintBlue's solutions are non-custodial, which eliminates any third-party reliance.

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    analyse & debug blockchain activity.
    Get an overview of the transaction activity in your app and on the blockchain. Easily inspect and debug with our monitoring tools.
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    download data into your app.
    Download and verify any data from the blockchain into your own app. Share, monetise and maintain data ownership.
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    Jeroen van Haasteren

    Jeroen van Haasteren

    Head of Product, VISMA | yuki
    "With CEO fraud and other security challenges, it is important to be able to rely 100% on incoming invoices. With the implementation of NFT invoicing, we are taking a big step towards achieving our goal; a 100% automated accounting system. mintBlue's software took care of 90% of the solution."

    a 10x jump in efficiency.

    There is no reason to integrate multiple blockchains if you can have all functionality in one.
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    datacenters contracted.

    for 100% up-time and reliability.

    lower fees than any competitor.

    we are the most scalable with the lowest fees.

    daily transactions processed.

    our blockchain processes 10M transactions daily at a max. tps of 50.000.

    blockchain storage.

    No third-party reliance on AWS, IPFS or equivalent.

    ready for large-scale use.

    Account-based blockchains have faced challenges with scaling for years, stifling the adoption of blockchain. mintBlue solves this by using a UTXO-based blockchain with smart-contract and token capabilities.

    in-house build.

    distracts from your core product.

    requires significant resources.

    Difficult to find talent
    Complex and error-prone
    Difficult to scale
    High setup costs
    Distracts from building core product

    alternative suites.

    Infura, Moralis, Alchemy, etc.

    non-scalable account-based systems.

    Data still centralised
    Unsuitable for commercial use
    High transaction costs
    Significant downtime
    Opaque governance structures


    unbounded scale with lowest fees.

    ready for commercial business use.

    On-chain blockchain storage
    Ready for commercial use
    50.000+ transactions per second
    Set-in-stone protocol like TCP/IP
    Smart contracts & tokens

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