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mintBlue is a blockchain development suite to integrate systems with the blockchain.
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faster to market.

Launch your blockchain project with mintBlue infrastructure and go to market twice as fast.

fees under a penny.

We handle more transactions than VISA at a fraction of the cost. This is the fastest public blockchain.

no blockchain experience required.

No need to learn new programming languages and we help you understand what's possible.

reliable blockchain infrastructure.


It never hits a scale ceiling.

low fees

Fees are the lowest in the sector (by a lot).

no token

Usage billed per month in your local currency.


Non-custodial solutions - you hold the keys.


Data never (ever) get lost.


Certified and peer-reviewed architecture.
Sebastian Toet van VISMA yuki

Sebastian Toet

CTO, VISMA | yuki
“VISMA | yuki has been looking for independent solutions for validation and verification of large amounts of financial documents for a long time. With mintBlue’s blockchain platform, this becomes a technological and cost-effective reality, giving Yuki an edge for customers looking to store and create their financial documents.”

Laurent Blumberg

Investment Director, Torqx Capital
"mintBlue software enables organisations and its users to transfer any asset with anyone, without reliance on external parties while undercutting traditional settlement networks with 95%. These are the initiatives that will disrupt the Big Tech model."
Jeroen van Haasteren

Jeroen van Haasteren

Head of Product, VISMA | yuki
"With CEO fraud and other security challenges, it is important to be able to rely 100% on incoming invoices. With the implementation of NFT invoicing, we are taking a big step towards achieving our goal; a 100% automated accounting system."

Kal Suurkask

Commercial Director, TAAL
"TAAL's partnership with mintBlue allows us both to focus on our core strength. For mintBlue, that is to build developer-friendly blockchain integrations. For TAAL, that means focusing on scaling the processing of transactions and ensuring a high service standard."
Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Bitcoin Historian, Coingeek
"It has never been easier for individuals unfamiliar with code to integrate the blockchain into their daily apps and processes. mintBlue has truly lowered the barrier to adoption of blockchain technology for individuals and businesses alike."