Effortless, fraud-proof eInvoicing

Automatically validate invoices while reducing fraud across your platform with the easy-to-implement mintBlue SDK. No lock-in, no third-party platforms, full data independence.

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mintBlue einvoicing is peppol network compatibleMintblue einvoicing is ubl compatible
Effortless fraud proof eInvoicing on the blockchain.

What mintBlue brings to your platform

Blockchain powered einvoicing with mintblue


Store your invoices securely on-chain to have full data independence.
Track and trace einvoicing with mintblue

track and trace

Capture the full lifecycle of every invoice from generation to payment.
Full einvoicing independence with mintblue

full independence

There’s no lock in, no dependency, and no third-party software involved.
Integrate with globally compatible protocols with mintblue's einvoicing solutions

globally compatible

Fully compatible with Peppol, UBL, and EU eInvoicing standards.
Large einvoice volumes at low cost with mintblue

large volumes at low costs

Store invoices securely on-chain for less than fragile off-chain solutions.
A future proof platform for einvoicing

a future-proof platform

Drive business growth with innovative, natively-supported developments.

Client success stories

How mintBlue supports the accounting software of VISMA Yuki


Businesses already connected, powered via Yuki


Validated number of e-invoices per month


Data stored on the blockchain with mintBlue tools.
VISMA yuki
Sebastian Toet van VISMA yuki

“VISMA Yuki has been looking for independent solutions for validation and verification of large amounts of financial documents for a long time.

With mintBlue’s infrastructure, this becomes
a technological and cost-effective reality.”

Sebastian Toet, Solution Architect

Traditional eInvoicing is not ready for the future

If you want to unlock new business potential and lower costs, a centralized solution won’t get you there.

Traditional eInvoicing

Invoices are stored with the platform
Invoices are invalidated
Invoices can be corrupted and tampered with
Invoices are tracked only within the platform

The mintBlue way

Invoices are stored with your clients
Invoices are validated with identity
Blockchain storage is unchangeable and preserves data
Invoices are tracked through their lifecycle
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How mintBlue works

Compatible with Peppol network

  • Implement the mintBlue protocol simply and easily
  • Store your full invoice data on the blockchain
  • Keep full control of who can access your data
  • Validate each invoice automatically
  • Track the lifecycle of every invoice
Dotted frame einvoicing with mintblue
NFT einvoicing for companies who want to reduce fraud and increase compliance.

Who is mintBlue for?

Organizations looking to reduce invoice fraud

Companies in need of enhanced invoice automation

Auditors & governing bodies looking to get the complete picture of data

Organizations looking for complete independence and control

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mintBlue for e-invoicing

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