Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to compete and collaborate without compromise.

Today 80% of the public internet's web traffic is controlled by a small group of powerful data companies.
The internet was designed to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange of information. Big Tech saw to become trusted third parties in the exchange through offering easy-to-use - often free - services. Today the most valued internet companies on the planet are those that have kept their position as intermediaries.

We enable fair competition and efficient collaboration by introducing data ownership.

Data ownership means you are in full control of your information. Your data is encrypted on the client side and stored on the public blockchain. You hold the keys to your data, meaning nobody - not even mintBlue - can touch what's yours.

Data ownership empowers you and your users to autonomously store, share and monetise their information in a peer-to-peer manner using advanced encryption techniques.

Our mission is to make the public blockchain as accessible as the public internet.

We offer APIs and SDKs that any developer can use to connect their back-end with the public blockchain.

Multiple entities can all hook into the blockchain and start writing and reading data to it to interchange information in a peer-to-peer manner with a fully immutable audit trail.

We specialise in a UTXO-based blockchain architecture that follows the original specification of the Bitcoin protocol whitepaper from 2008.

We do this because the protocol is set in stone, so our clients have no risk that protocol developers make sudden changes. The protocol follows economies of scale theory; the more data is written to the chain, the more data centres join the network, and the cheaper, faster and more secure it becomes. The UTXO-based architecture allows for compliance with all legislation and makes full privacy possible in the public.

Read more on the original Bitcoin protocol in the report of Canadian consultancy firm MNP.