why we do it.

A lack of interoperability and data portability is the most significant innovation blocker in the digital age.

We decouple your data from existing systems and move it from a private to a public database; the blockchain. There is no reliance on external parties and you truly own your own data.

At mintBlue, we are advocates of protocols instead of platforms. The use of protocols on a public shared database enables interoperability without data duplication. This increases data integrity, security and traceability. These are the ingredients for a healthier, more sustainable internet.

how we do it.

mintBlue uses the original protocol Bitcoin.

Our infrastructure uses the original blockchain protocol, Bitcoin. The Bitcoin network is an open, global ledger that records transactions on a distributed database.

The common perception of Bitcoin is that it's a dinosaur among new distributed ledger technologies, but nothing is further from the truth.

Read more on the original Bitcoin protocol in the report of renowned Canadian consultancy firm MNP:

The Original Bitcoin Protocol "What Is It and Why Does It Matter?"

what we do.

We enable companies to focus on their application, without worrying about the complex underlying blockchain structure.

Companies can solve most current problems they have with existing data. The issue is that data may be out of reach due to a lack of interoperability and (purposely) siloed databases.

By using a shared public database we can work together to change the world for the better.

There is a clear need for a new kind of technology, built by a new kind of company. That's why we founded mintBlue.