NFT Invoicing builds a foundation for future innovation

Invoice tokenization integrated with your accounting platform. Track & trace the full lifecycle of invoices, signed with digital identity.

verify invoice authentication: blockchain invoice validation allows for up to 100% of automation of the bookkeeping

retrieve the original file: never lose your information

ensure data integrity: trust the integrity of the file and the sender, eliminating fraud and phishing

Discover how mintBlue enhances the accounting software of VISMA | Yuki

Client success stories

How mintBlue supports the accounting software of VISMA Yuki


Immutably stored on-chain


Authenticated eInvoices on-chain per month


Businesses exchanging on-chain invoices
Sebastian Toet Visma

“VISMA Yuki has been looking for independent solutions for validation and verification of large amounts of financial documents for a long time.

With mintBlue’s infrastructure, this becomes
a technological and cost-effective reality.”

Sebastian Toet, Solution Architect